Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wonderful Idea

I recently read about this company in Tampa, Florida and am fascinated with their approach to building an instant real estate portfolio.

Anyone with personal information about RE-710 please contact me through my Facebook Page.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Land Contracts

One of the oldest get-rich-quick in real estate techniques has been in the news a whole lot lately.  And the news is all bad.

Land contracts, also known as contracts for deed, is the much maligned device.

Unlike a traditional mortgage where you get a deed at the time of sale expressing an ownership interest in a property, under a land contract you make payments to a seller for years and after the final payment you finally receive a deed reflecting ownership.

There is nothing inherently illegal or immoral about land contracts except the fact they have a long history of abuse by crooked sellers.  How they get away with it is obvious.  The moment the buyer misses a payment and is in default, they lose their rights to a deed.  Often the properties sold under land contracts are poorly maintained and offered to credit and cash poor buyers at widely inflated prices.  These sellers know from the start a buyer default is inevitable which allows them to sell the same property again and again and again.

Like I said, land contracts have been in the news a great deal lately.  Here are just a few headlines.

Predatory land contracts take advantage of low-income homebuyers

‘Contract for Deed’ Lending Gets Federal Scrutiny

As the articles above make clear, land contracts are commonly abused and should be avoided at all costs.  There are ways of using them with some safety, for example, having a fully executed deed placed with an escrow company or third party pending receipt of the final payment from the buyer but even these solutions are often unworkable and leave the buyer who has faithfully made every payment without proof of ownership.

Overall, if a land contract is the only way you can buy a home delay buying one.

Instead, offer to pay a higher interest rate or give better terms to the seller under a traditional sales contract.

Land contracts can work but often do not.  They are a real estate purchasing device best left alone for most potential homeowners.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

America's Bank

I talk, speak, rant, and rave a great deal about the Federal Reserve Bank on this website.

Here is why.

America's Bank is a simply amazing book by author Roger Lowenstein.

The struggle was epic.  A financial adventure story.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Don't Flip Properties

This article from The Washington Post has the title "Why You Don't Want to Flip Homes."

It is worth reading.  Interesting analysis.

The reason I bring it up is the flipping property gurus have returned to late night television.  I do not know how it is where you live but at least five different real estate gurus have visited Seattle in the past two months.  FIVE.  Same operations pitching virtually the same get-rich-quick in real estate products, same TV networks for the late night infomercials, even the same hotels for the seminars too.

Maybe you would want another perspective on the subject of flipping properties, especially one which is not trying to sell you a $3,000 seminar or a $25,000 bus tour on the subject.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Free Seminar Tickets

Due to some wonderful sponsors, all Investing in Land Live Seminars to be held in 2016 are FREE.


No product pitch fests.


No sales of any kind at the events.


Can I be more explicit?

I will be awarding tickets to all upcoming events to my followers on Twitter and Facebook.

The seminars will take place all over the United States starting in the Summer of 2016 and continuing through the fall.  So far the dates in Denver, Houston, and Atlanta have been scheduled but others will be following for sure.  Each seminar is a full day, 9:00AM to 5:00PM on a Saturday.

And all seminars are FREE.  Did I mention that?

If you want to learn about land investment and development, just follow me on Twitter and Facebook.  I'll be announcing tickets on a first come, first served basis.

Much more to follow.