Tuesday, April 26, 2016

America's Bank

I talk, speak, rant, and rave a great deal about the Federal Reserve Bank on this website.

Here is why.

America's Bank is a simply amazing book by author Roger Lowenstein.

The struggle was epic.  A financial adventure story.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Don't Flip Properties

This article from The Washington Post has the title "Why You Don't Want to Flip Homes."

It is worth reading.  Interesting analysis.

The reason I bring it up is the flipping property gurus have returned to late night television.  I do not know how it is where you live but at least five different real estate gurus have visited Seattle in the past two months.  FIVE.  Same operations pitching virtually the same get-rich-quick in real estate products, same TV networks for the late night infomercials, even the same hotels for the seminars too.

Maybe you would want another perspective on the subject of flipping properties, especially one which is not trying to sell you a $3,000 seminar or a $25,000 bus tour on the subject.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Free Seminar Tickets

Due to some wonderful sponsors, all Investing in Land Live Seminars to be held in 2016 are FREE.


No product pitch fests.


No sales of any kind at the events.


Can I be more explicit?

I will be awarding tickets to all upcoming events to my followers on Twitter and Facebook.

The seminars will take place all over the United States starting in the Summer of 2016 and continuing through the fall.  So far the dates in Denver, Houston, and Atlanta have been scheduled but others will be following for sure.  Each seminar is a full day, 9:00AM to 5:00PM on a Saturday.

And all seminars are FREE.  Did I mention that?

If you want to learn about land investment and development, just follow me on Twitter and Facebook.  I'll be announcing tickets on a first come, first served basis.

Much more to follow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Want to know why the streets of Seattle and virtually all U.S. cities are filled with vagrants begging for money?

Want to know why street and property crime is rising in virtually all cities, large and small?  Take, for example, Los Angeles where property and violent crime rose a whopping 12% in the first half of 2015.  Or in Washington state which has the highest rate of property crime in the United States.

The answer is simple.  Just one word.


This isn't my opinion alone.  Even the Seattle media agrees with me, calling heroin the "root cause" of homelessness in Seattle.

Heroin use has exploded in Seattle.  Heroin deaths rose a staggering 58% in just one year in Seattle.  The CDC now calls heroin use in the U.S. an "epidemic", up 63% nationwide in the last eleven years.

There are so many junkies in downtown Seattle the Washington State Convention Center and local stores like Target have put syringe disposal boxes in their restrooms where dopers go to shoot up.  Here is a photo I took inside the men's room at the Washington State Convention Center.

Used syringes litter the streets of Seattle.  I have posted many photos of them on my Twitter feed.  You literally find piles of them like this one.

Here is one Seattle man's story having to deal with the dozens of syringes he finds regularly near his home.

Here is a story about a child who stepped on a used syringe at a public park in a small town near Seattle.  This is the actual photo of what was found in the park.

The romantic notion of "homelessness" has been promoted by activists for decades.  There are men and women through bad luck and carelessness find themselves homeless.  But the hardcore vagrants you see on the streets are not these people.  It's quite obvious to tell the difference.  Start with the track marks and their glassy eyes.

Until the government through law enforcement takes the heroin epidemic seriously, watch crime to spike and, most importantly for this blog, real estate property values fall.

Who wants to buy a $800,000 condo and leave their house and step on a syringe or see this?  Incidentally, the building in the background of this video is the flagship location of the luxury department store Nordstrom's in downtown Seattle.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Incredible Secret Money Machine

A reader of this website recommended a book to me I had never heard of before.


I got a copy, I read it, and I loved it.

I was going to write a detailed review of the book but someone already had.  Great synopsis.

Originally written in 1978, the book details what today is called a "side hustle" or making money on the side other than a full time job and investing the proceeds in other income producing assets like real estate.

This strategy was the quintessential "get rich SLOWLY" approach of real estate gurus in the 1970s and 1980s.  Build income, build cash savings, and then buy properties for long term gains and pyramiding opportunities.

Another great example of this approach is Dave Del Dotto's still exceptional book, HOW TO MAKE NOTHING BUT MONEY from 1989.

I highly recommend both these books above for people who want to invest in real estate the smart, efficient, safe, ethical, and responsible way.

1.  Build cash flow through side hustles other than your full time job
2.  Save your money
3.  Buy bargain priced real estate
4.  Improve what you buy to build equity
5.  Hold, refinance, or sell for profits

The real estate gurus of today teach little more than disguised foreclosure rescue fraud.

AVOID THEM.  Go with the classics.

Thanks for the book recommendation.  KEEP THEM COMING!