Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Edge Obviously Did Not Read My Book Investing in Land

I have read with great fascination the problems U-2 guitarist David "The Edge" Evans is having developing a 156-acre parcel of land he purchased in the Santa Monica Mountains of California.

Here is an article from Fox News on his problems.

The Edge obviously never read my book, INVESTING IN LAND.

Why attempt to develop land in an area where residents, many of them merely renters who don't own a single molecule of property, will fight you for years on the development? There are so many communities, counties, and countries around the world that welcome development there is no need to fight City Hall and the minions that rely upon government largess for a living.

In fact, the largest profits are made in areas that sponsor and promote development instead of fight it. This is more than common sense. It is empirical fact.

The Edge could develop land anywhere around the world and have local authorities tossing rose petals at his feet, begging for not only his cash but his reputation. Instead, he is being vilified for wanting to build a road and emitting CO2 while doing it.

I am going to make sure The Edge gets a copy of the new edition of INVESTING IN LAND when it goes on sale this fall. I'm a fan of his music and of his development ideas.

Robert J. Abalos, Esq.