Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Have You Worked in the Creative Real Estate Industry and Do You Have a Story to Tell?

I am working with a number of reporters and media outlets doing news and feature stories on the fraud that is creative real estate, or how to get-rich-quick as a real estate investor.

How enthusiastic but naive people are deluded into buying widely overpriced real estate home study courses and seminars in order to get rich quick in real estate.

But, of course, instead they wind up broke while the gurus who pitch this nonsense get rich.

If you have worked in this industry, please contact me at

I have heard from a number of you who worked in the sales and back office operations of these outfits and I'm grateful for your stories. I have always suspected that creative real estate was really no more than a shoddy criminal enterprise and you have proven me right more than you know.

But this is finally the time to bring down this corrupt and parasitic industry once and for all.

These gurus and their relentless get-rich-quick message are partially responsible for the greatest destruction of personal wealth in the history of civilization. They encouraged individuals to buy overpriced properties with dangerous mortgages at precisely the time that all responsible real estate authors (like me) were preaching prudence.

According to multiple law enforcement agencies, these gurus are responsible for the pandemic of foreclosure rescue fraud engulfing the nation right now, costing tens of thousands of desperate and innocent homeowners a month their homes.

If you have worked in this industry beside one of these phony gurus, maybe in their office shipping their products, or at their seminar events, or just have first hand knowledge of how these criminals sell their worthless and dangerous products, please contact me at

All contacts are confidential.

In many cases I will put you directly in touch with the media source or even the law enforcement agency investigating "your" guru.

This is an important public appeal. The time has come to rid the real estate world of these creative real estate get-rich-quick frauds once and for all. So many people have been cheated, so many have lost everything they owned. I can't overstate the case here.

People wanting to learn about real estate investing and all its benefits should not have to step over these vermin in the gutter first.

Robert J. Abalos, Esq.