Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Should You Fix Up Your Home Before You List it for Sale?

By all means, CLEAN up your home. Get rid of all the dirt, dust, grime, debris, clutter, and paper. Make your existing home or property as spacious and neat as possible. Prepare your house as if you were renting it and moving out and you wanted every penny of your security deposit back.

That means CLEAN.

Super clean.

Hospital operating room clean.

But no, don't make heavy repairs or improvements like building a new deck, putting in a new kitchen, or rebuilding a bathroom.

The reason is simple. You won't recoup the financial investment on those items, especially in the current market. At best you will spend $4,000 to make $4,000---if that at all.

This question came from Danny in Florida and I hope I answered it fully for you.

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Robert J. Abalos, Esq.