Saturday, February 27, 2010

MUST READ BOOK: Homebuyers Beware by Carolyn Warren

Most real estate investment books I read are just plain awful.

Either they offer the same impractical get-rich-quick nonsense on lease/options and flipping properties and the like I have read 10,569 times before and never believed even once or the are give just plain boring advice much like you would find on HUD's website or in the lobby of your local bank branch.

HOMEBUYERS BEWARE by author Carolyn Warren is a wonderful exception to this rule.

This book is a MUST if you are thinking about buying a home anytime over the next year or so. It gives right-on-target advice on everything from how to find the right home for your individual needs to learning the tricks and scams of the mortgage industry.

It is enlightening to finally read about yield spread premiums in a book designed for ordinary homeowners and not in a mortgage broker's class.

If you have never owned a home, or just lost one to foreclosure or a short sale and are thinking about buying one again soon, do yourself a favor and read this book.

I picked HOMEBUYERS BEWARE up in a bookstore thinking it was just another real estate book and I knew I was wrong about ten pages into it. This author really knows her material and teaches it well without all the usual get-rich-quick real estate hype. This is a how-to book and if you are buying a home anytime soon you will need a copy.

The author's website is

For the record, I do not know Ms. Warren and I have no financial stake in the sale of her books or products.

Robert J. Abalos, Esq.