Thursday, August 26, 2010

Home Sales Plunge at the Fastest Rate in History: Where are all the Get-Rich-Quick Creative Real Estate Gurus Now?

The National Association of Realtors reported that the 27% decline in home sales reported in July 2010 was the largest ever recorded in the history of the organization.

They have been keeping these records since 1970.  Or FORTY YEARS.

So today I ask, where are all the get-rich-quick creative real estate guru geniuses when you need them?

When are all the flipping property gurus, the short sale experts, the foreclosure specialists?  Where are all the real estate wizards, the millionaire makers, the investment brainiacs who can turn water into wine, lead into gold, and the worst real estate market in nearly 100 years into the financial bonanza of a lifetime?

Why don't these phonies update their websites and make clear that their testimonials are years out of date, as if they were ever true in the first place?

Why don't these self-described real estate investor millionaire success stories admit how much money they have lost in the last three years holding their rental properties, if they ever owned any such properties in the first place?

Why don't these frauds admit they induced millions of people to invest in the worst real estate market in history and are responsible to some extent for the greatest financial loss in the history of civilization and the near destruction of the American middle class?

How can so many people be so repeatedly wrong and still have the audacity to sell products proclaiming to be financial wizards and internationally known experts?

Only in America, I guess.  No, it happens in Nigeria too.