Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another Seattle Shooting: Suspects Linked to Double Murder and Gun Battle at Popular Seattle Area Park

Another day in Seattle brings residents another shooting, only this time the gunmen are linked to a double murder and gun battle that recently took place at a public park well known to Seattle residents.

Do you see why Seattle residents are a bit upset, to put it mildly, over the growing crime wave in our city?  And the complete lack of government responses to it?

Early Friday morning a South Seattle man was shot in the face while in his own home.  His injuries are life threatening but at least the good news is he is still alive.

The gunmen in this crime are linked to a double murder that took place on July 17, 2010.  Here a group of gang members got into a gun battle at a very popular and extremely beautiful public park outside Seattle.  This shootout left two men dead and four wounded, all taking place in full view of suburban residents at the park on a hot night with their kids.  The gunfire was so intense and the crossfire so dangerous that people had to hide in the public restrooms of the park to avoid being hit by bullets.

Firefights and peaceful lakeside parks do not mix.

It's Saturday morning here in Seattle and people are already making their homicide predictions for the weekend.  It's not funny.  But people placed under stress often use black humor to defuse tension and there is much of that here these days.  Given the fact that government officials quote crime statistics residents know not to be true just adds to the grim atmosphere.  Here is a prime example of this deception from London.

If it is any wonder why real estate sales are a bit slow in Seattle, now you know part of the reason why.