Friday, September 10, 2010

Congressional Budget Office Official Warning on U.S. Debt Crisis: Don't Believe Me, Read What the Feds Say

Looking for a healthy real estate market anytime soon?

Forget it.

Read the official Congressional Budget Office report on the impending U.S. debt crisis.  This isn't some tea party activist writing hyperbole underneath a portrait of Sarah Palin.  This is the OFFICIAL U.S. government report on the subject and it is SHOCKING.

Also notice how the mainstream media did not cover its release.

To access the report, go to this article and click on the first link labeled "warning" in the first sentence of the article.  You will receive a PDF of the official report released by the CBO on July 27, 2010.

Capital flows towards the safest and highest yield, like to real estate investments which historically have met that precise criteria, EXCEPT when local, state, and the Federal government start demanding it all to fuel fiscal spending and debt service.  Read the report and see how much capital they are going to suck out of the U.S. economy and from where they are going to borrow the rest.

If you don't see the imminent financial catastrophe coming after reading this CBO report, you are blind and should not be investing money at all.