Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Man Walking His Dog is Stabbed in Downtown Seattle: When Will the City Learn?

On Saturday a man walking his dog in downtown Seattle about five blocks from the Convention Center was stabbed in the chest by another man who approached him for money.

When will the City of Seattle learn that when you let vagrants, drug addicts, unmedicated psychotics, unregistered sex offenders, homeless alcoholics, teenage runaways, and other assorted street criminals and malfunctioning human beings roam the streets at will using public parks as bedrooms and alleyways as toilets you are putting the LIVES of normal, hard working, and decent people at risk?

How many more shootings, stabbings, assaults, rapes, property crimes, murders, and other assaults on decency are necessary?

When the quality of life in an area deteriorates, people do not want to live there and, more importantly, buy property in that area to serve as a home.

Commercial vacancies in downtown Seattle are on the rise.

So are residential vacancies.  The inventory of unsold condos downtown is high.  Many planned and started condo projects have been abandoned.

Starting to understand why?

There is news on the shooting I reported to you on Saturday in this blog.  The man shot in the face has died.  And his killers have been linked to not just a gun battle at a suburban park but yet another murder which took place outside a nightclub five blocks from Seattle's famous Pike Place Market this past June.