Thursday, September 16, 2010

Triple Stabbing at Pike Place Market in Seattle: Do You Understand Why Condos Aren't Selling Near There?

Pike Place Market is Seattle's #1 tourist attraction.  You would think the City of Seattle would keep it safe for all the visitors who are, after all, trying to spend their hard earned money in the city.


Seattle's Pike Place Market and the surrounding blocks have the HIGHEST VIOLENT CRIME RATE in the entire city, due mostly to the presence of an amazing number of homeless shelters, halfway houses for paroled felons, public service agencies tending to the needs of drug addicts, and other magnets for vagrants in the area.

I have been warning about the growing violence in downtown Seattle in this blog for months.  Here are just two posts in the last two months.  #1 and #2 which include a Seattle Police officer shooting and killing a drunk homeless man who walked around the streets near our Convention Center openly wielding a carving knife.

Last night about 8:00PM in the evening there was a TRIPLE stabbing at Pike Place Market, in fact, at the beautiful city park that overlooks Elliott Bay and provides a stunning view of the Seattle waterfront.

Tourists flock to Victor Steinbrueck Park to take their obligatory photographs.  Locals avoid the place because it is nothing more than a public toilet and bedroom for dozens of vagrants, drug dealers, and other assorted criminal types.  It is DANGEROUS to even sit in the place most hours of the day.

Let's be clear.  This isn't some isolated city park in the middle of nowhere.  It is WITHIN the Number #1 tourist destination of Seattle.  The park was named for the man who saved Pike Place Market from the wrecking ball.  Read what tourists who visit the park are saying about his legacy.

"The park is a popular gathering place for tourists, but also for the mentally ill, vagrants, alcoholics, and drug addicts."

Nice reputation for your city parks, eh?  The photo above was taken in Steinbrueck Park and is typical of what you see there.

People are not stupid.  Condo buyers do not want to spend $500,000 or more on a 1,200 square foot apartment that overlooks such violent nonsense.  Tourists are getting fed up with travel to Seattle and telling their friends back home what to expect from a visit to the Emerald City.  The city's inaction on what is a growing and especially violent problem is costing Seattle HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year in lost property taxes, convention business, tourist dollars, and more, all at a time the city is out of cash and having to make tough fiscal choices.

People want a livable city.  Residents of Seattle like me are demanding action.  New Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn in response to this vocal call has decided not to hire new police officers even though Seattle crime is costing residents $200 million per year in losses.

As I have repeatedly said in this blog, this situation is spiraling out of control.  Many residents of Seattle are afraid to travel downtown.  ONE IN FOUR are reporting fear at the idea of going downtown these days.  Read what Seattle's own residents are saying about crime downtown.

More violence, more shootings, more stabbings, and more murders are on the way unless the City of Seattle wakes up and stops the appeasing criminal elements within it that cause this crime.  The Seattle Police are the most outnumbered in the United States but they are also the most professional police force I have ever seen.  They can do their job if the Mayor and the City Council would just let them.