Monday, October 11, 2010

Green Roofs in Sustainable Landscape Design

I don't often read a real estate book that is just about perfect.  I read pretty much everything new that comes out or reaches my neighborhood library and bookstores.  Most of what I read is really just rehashes of what has been said ten million times before, putting old wine into new bottles.  It takes a real punch to knock me out on a new real estate book.

I just bought and read a simply incredible one by author Steven L. Cantor titled Green Roofs in Sustainable Landscape Design.  This book just blew me away.

It's beautiful, almost a coffee table book, filled with gorgeous color photography pressed on glossy paper.  The subject matter is covered in microscopic detail with hundreds of examples.  This book is the definitive treatment any person who wants to use green roofs as part of a landscape MUST MUST MUST have.

I cannot recommend this book enough.  It's just inspirational to read.  You want to go out and build green roofs.  And why not?  They are functional, beautiful, environmentally friendly, and people love them.