Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pike Place Market Murder

Yesterday, one block from Pike Place Market and the image to the left, a man was shot to death in the middle of the afternoon, 4:40PM, just as tens of thousands of office workers were headed home.

The sidewalks at the time of the murder yesterday were crowded, filled with people waiting for buses, walking, shopping.

One man just one single block from the largest tourist site in Seattle walked up to another man after an altercation and shot him in the head three times.  The killer then walked one block to restaurant where he, strangely, ordered a plate of French fries and was arrested.

The murderer was under court ordered supervision yesterday, out of prison for little over a year on multiple felony charges including burglary and assault.  So far the media has not asked the simple question "Why was this supervised felon carrying a handgun?"

The victim was a career criminal too who had been arrested THIRTY-NINE times since 1997.  He had just been released from jail on drug charges in August after his rape convictions had been overturned on appeal.

This murder was the second killing with a handgun of the week.  On Saturday another man was shot to death by another career criminal with a long history of felony convictions who, ironically, actually been arrested at the very same intersection of the murder earlier this year with a stolen handgun.

When will Seattle wake up to its growing problem of violence?  And who is causing it?  And why are these career criminals, psychotics, and drug addicts roaming the streets with illegal guns?

It is just a matter of time until a tourist is murdered near Pike Place Market or the Space Needle.  It is only sheer luck that someone was not shot or killed yesterday by a stray bullet.  Then the hotels and the restaurants and the businesses that live off the tourist trade can suffer because the city is playing nice with rapists, drug dealers, convicted murderers, and other assorted sociopaths.

By the way, the murder yesterday took place at the intersection of Second Avenue and Pike Street in downtown Seattle.  I have mentioned that location before in this blog.

It is where the retail chain Target is going to build its first urban store, a decision announced with great fanfare earlier this summer.  I predicted the placement was going to be a disaster for the company then and I'm standing by that assessment with even more confidence after the grisly events of yesterday.