Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seattle Crime Wave Continues

Just some updates on how life is REALLY in the Emerald City, or what has happened since the Friday and Saturday night rain of gunfire three days ago in downtown Seattle

Accused rapist charged in sexual assault

A serial rapist under suspicion and arrest for two serious and violent rapes attacks yet another woman in a great neighborhood, Ballard.  Very upscale and trendy.  Great nightlife.  Why is this guy walking the streets of the city?

Woman runner attacked with knife in city park

A 55-year old woman jogging in one of the most beautiful parks in Seattle was assaulted by a 18-year old unknown male with a knife and thrown to the ground.  Luckily she fought back.

Man sprays bar bouncer with Bear mace

Some angry man attacks the bouncers at one of Seattle's most popular nightclubs with a can of Bear mace after he is ejected from the club.

The Monday Morning Burglary Report

A wonderful interactive map where you can track where criminals targeted people's homes and businesses.  The map only represents 48-hours over a weekend and only burglaries that were reported.

I could go on but what's the point?

Seattle residents are fleeing the downtown core for other urban locations like Georgetown and Northgate, and also making suburban cities like Kent and Bothell very happy.

The effect on rents and property values downtown is obvious.

Crime affects property values.  If this is the problem, then the solution is also obvious.