Saturday, October 2, 2010

Whatever Happened to Mike and Irene Milin?

UPDATED:  Readers of this blog post flooded me with information about the Milins.  Click here to read the updated article about the Milins.

Mike and Irene Milin, the "dynamic duo" of get-rich-quick real estate gurus, were familiar faces on late night infomercial TV for years.  Starting in the late 1980s and until about three years ago I saw them pitching home study courses and other products pretty much everywhere.  While their usual real estate offerings were what you would expect (find distressed buyers, improve the property, etc.) their last sales pitches dealt with making money through government auctions.  (Another dead-end business if every there was one.  Read this article that discusses the Milins and their government auction course.)

But today, I can't find any new information on either Mike or Irene Milin.  Their last website, is off the Internet.  No one I know has news on either of them.  Google searches for the couple are a dry hole yielding nothing.

I never had a high regard for their books or home study offerings.  Their best book, which is not saying much, is How to Buy and Manage Rental Properties: The Milin Method of Real Estate Management for the Small Investor, and contains all the same advice you can read in about 25,000 other books on rental property management.  This does not make this book bad.  It just means it is nothing special and not unique or memorable in any way.

What really soured me on the Milins was their constant hype about their lifestyle, their airplanes, boats, trips, and luxury everything.  Here is a website describing their home.  All this silence and quiet from the couple makes me wonder what happened to them---and why.