Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yet Another Downtown Seattle Shooting

For months now I have been writing about the increasing violence and crime in the downtown core of Seattle which is where I live.  It is also the same neighborhood where the fictional Frasier Crane lived, and where all the tourist places that define Seattle are, such as the Space Needle and Pike Place Market.

This is also the same part of town where all the major hotels are located, that houses the Washington State Convention Center, the city's theater district, the city's music and nightclub district, and where 90% of the tourists who visit Seattle on business or pleasure stay and/or party.

The fact that a popular tavern betting game now jokes about the number of shootings, murders, and other mayhem that will occur each weekend, with the winner guessing the closest without going over, sort of like on The Price is Right, illustrates how shocking it all can be for residents.

This weekend, last night in fact, there was an ambush of a car at one of the most important street intersections of the city, First Avenue and Denny Way, where a car was sprayed with a hail of bullets just when the numerous bars and nightclubs in the area where getting ready to close.

Eight shots fired.

Two men hospitalized.

One critical.

There are a dozen condo and apartment buildings around this building.  Would you want the job of selling or leasing real estate in any of them tomorrow morning?  Read what RESIDENTS of the area, people who have already had the (mis)fortune to live near 1st and Denny say about the shooting and what they feel about the sheer number of them.  The website where these comments are posted, by the way, is which chronicles all the deterioration one assault and battery at a time.

It is a disgrace such a website is even necessary.

Oh I forgot to mention.  The night before there was yet another shooting, just about seven blocks away, and four blocks from Pike Place Market.  Again, this gunfire was in no isolated area but in the center of the city's nightclub district where lots of tourists and residents spend their money and weekends.

This time two men were arrested when police responded to reports of gunfire at the intersection of First Avenue (again) and Bell.

Real estate is LOCAL, and it is mostly about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, so it would make sense that people do not want to live or pay top dollar to live near urban battlefields filled with psychos and drug addicts who have firefights in the streets.