Friday, November 12, 2010

China's Instant Hotel

I read with great interest the recent impressive accomplishment of how the Chinese built a 15-story hotel in just six days.  This well produced video of the construction (incorrectly labeled in my opinion) is really fun to watch.

This super fast construction is an AMAZING accomplishment.  The people of Changsa and all the engineers, builders, and workers involved should be proud.  Pulling something like this off is an exceptional achievement.

The first thought I had when I read of this idea was how there might not be a real substantial market worldwide for "instant" hotels, but this engineering and construction techniques could be used in disaster situations to provide housing for refugees and displaced people.  Think post Hurricane Katrina or in Haiti  after the earthquake.  Forget about tent cities.  You literally could build real ones, block upon block, in just weeks.

This type of construction and development is not just green.  It's SUPER GREEN, environmentally friendly to the core.  Little waste.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the future.  The Chinese have another gold mine on their hands.  Kudos.  My advice is find a way to invest with them in this model of development.