Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seattle Homeless Man Murders Stranger with Axe

I have been warning the City of Seattle in this blog for MONTHS that the so-called "homeless" problem is growing and getting worse.  To be blunt, it isn't the street people who need help.  It's the average working people and residents of the city who need protection from the growing throngs of mentally ill, drug addicted, and violent people who live on the city's streets and bring crime and mayhem with them.

This week brings clear evidence to a situation spiraling out of control.

On Monday afternoon in downtown Seattle, a 26-year old homeless man with a long history of violence, schizophrenia, and other mental disorders attacked and murdered a random stranger, a 58-year old man walking on a sidewalk.  For no reason and after no confrontation, the killer buried a pick-axe (the kind that mountain climbers use) into his victim's head TWELVE times.  Click on the link above and read the actual police report.  An innocent man walking on the street carrying groceries is killed for no reason by a mentally ill homeless man.  The murderer has been arrested many times before over violence but released so he could remain homeless on the streets of Seattle.

Just a day earlier than this murder, yet another homeless person stabbed a man multiple times while the victim was waiting for a bus.  Ironically, this is very near the spot where Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn wants to build a permanent homeless encampment for 150 men and within spitting distance of Seattle's football and baseball stadiums.

Back on Monday, the same day as the axe murder, yet another mentally ill Seattle man was killed by police for refusing to put down a handgun.  I hope these Seattle SWAT officers have better luck than the last officer involved in a deadly force incident.  In that case, a Seattle police officer shot and killed an alcoholic homeless man with a woodcarver's knife who refused orders to put it down.  This officer is now in the midst of a serious legal battle with not only the city but the Feds that have begun to look at the case for Federal civil rights violations.

I could mention how a mentally ill homeless man tried to kidnap a baby from a woman at a major Seattle city park last week too but why?  Just another reason for suburbanites to avoid the city like the plague.

The idea of letting THOUSANDS of drug addicts, alcoholics, mental patients, runaways, prostitutes, street criminals, drug dealers, and other assorted miscreants roam the city at will creating mayhem is a disgrace and a public safety nightmare.  This week brought us Seattle residents an attempted baby kidnapping, multiple stabbings, yet another police killing, and now the gruesome murder of an innocent man by an axe-wielding lunatic.

No wonder Seattle real estate prices continue to fall.  Common sense rules, eh?