Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Just two quick updates to two recent Seattle stories:

Turns out the homeless schizophrenic murderer of an innocent man with an axe which took place last Monday in downtown Seattle was the SECOND murder in two days for this street person.  Police now say he killed another man with his axe the previous day.  If anything this conclusion makes my call for a crackdown on the mobs of street people now crowding the avenues, parks, and alleys of Seattle more powerful.  Something major needs to be done----NOW.  By the way, the media is now reporting the innocent man carrying groceries home from the market who wound up with an axe buried in his head TWELVE TIMES was brutally murdered in front of a pack of school children waiting for a bus.

And it also turns out that Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn's proposed location for a PERMANENT homeless encampment (read that as "tent city") for 150 homeless men and women has a problem.  The site is contaminated with toxic waste.  Despite the fact the site is on a State of Washington cleanup list, the Mayor has claimed not knowing about the chemical contamination when he proposed the location.  Make you wonder who was doing the due diligence down at City Hall.

Welcome to Seattle.