Monday, May 23, 2011

Seattle's New $10 Million Bike Ramp

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The city of Seattle currently has a $67 million budget shortfall.  Like many cities and states around the country, Seattle is having to make many hard choices.

For example, Seattle is cutting between $25-40 million just from its police and fire departments alone.  All departments in the city's government are receiving a 3-8% across the board cut.

Not only is Seattle's mayor Mike McGinn slashing the current budget, he's threatening further budget cuts since the city's financial situation is deteriorating.

So today in typical Seattle fashion we learn this same bicycle addicted mayor so grim about budget cuts is spending $10 million to build a bike ramp.

$10 million.  How many police detectives and fire fighters does that buy?

Want to see what a $10 million bike ramp looks like?  Here are the architect's plans.

Mr. Mayor, aren't you aware that life in Seattle is DETERIORATING RAPIDLY and we need police officers a whole lot more than a bike ramp?

This past Saturday a woman was STABBED IN THE NECK WITH A STEAK KNIFE.

At 3:57 PM, in the middle of the afternoon.

At the intersection of 3rd and Pike, the heart of Seattle's business, hotel, and tourist district.  (By the way, that is the real intersection above, just three blocks from Seattle's famous Pike Place Market.)

This attempted murder took place in full view of hundreds of people, none of whom came downtown to witness a murder.  (By the way, killings at the intersection of 3rd and Pike are nothing new.  A man was shot in the head in the middle of the rush hour there last October.)

Seattle does not need a bike ramp that will be used more as a shelter by crackheads getting high and prostitutes turning tricks than actual bicyclists.

What Seattle needs is a mayor who can measure priorities and act accordingly.  We don't have one so a recall petition is in order.