Monday, June 27, 2011

Notorious Urban Ruin Site for Sale

The remains of the Alfaretta Apartments in downtown Seattle is now up for sale.  This bizarre half-demolished shell of a building has captivated many people since my first blog post on the urban ruin in October 2009.

The Alfaretta Apartments, or more precisely, what is left of it, is still there.  The ruin has become a stop on many tourist routes through the downtown area.  For the record, it is at the intersection of 8th Avenue and Seneca Street, across the street from Seattle's famous Town Hall.

People come to see the Alfaretta for one simple reason.  It's strange.

The site is just plain weird to behold.  It is so captivating I shot a video of the Alfaretta and put it up on YouTube.  I hear about the ruin all the time, get questions about it frequently, and saw the doomed relic for the first time in months today.

For sale sign across the front.

This building site is one of the best in all of downtown Seattle.  Perfect location, perfect zoning, perfect just about everything EXCEPT the perfect market to build new condos in downtown Seattle.

I suspect the Alfaretta's days are numbered, but then again how many more days should a 80% demolished building really have?

See the Alfaretta while you can.