Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vanilla Ice Project

When I got an email from Jose in Santa Clara asking my opinion of The Vanilla Ice Project, a  real estate rehab television show, I was taken aback.

THAT Vanilla Ice???  Never heard of the show.  Wish I never heard of this song!

But yes, Robert Matthew Van Winkle, who we all grew to love (and hate) back in the 1990s is now hawking himself as a real estate guru and rehab specialist.

Watching the video on his website made me have Tom Vu flashbacks.

Fistfuls of hundred dollar bills, hot girls wearing almost nothing, Rolls Royce limos, huge mansions, boats, and everything that smells of money.  The only thing missing was Robin Leach.

I have never seen The Vanilla Ice Project so I'm asking for the public's help in learning some more about it.  From the video posted on his website it looks like an ATYPICAL real estate rehab and not one that most single family home rehabbers encounter.

For example, one video features a big mansion being gutted with lots of money for renovations and not much real world accounting for such important matters as the value of the rehabber's time.

For all I know, Vanilla (or is it Mr. Ice?) has made millions in real estate and if true, God bless him and his family.  I'm curious now, which of course makes me want to know more.

But the real problem I have with this advertisement is simple.

Vanilla Ice is NOT a person.  He's a character Mr. Van Winkle plays on stage.  All the gangster, hip-hop lingo ("pimp your place") rings hollow in this serious educational context.  If Mr. Van Winkle wants to be a real estate guru, then let him teach.  But a character in costume spouting lines from awful song lyrics circa 1991 is more laughable than authentic.  People want REAL real estate information, not quackery, and stunts like this give me the willies.

And I guess I have to ask?  What's next?  Flavor Flav's Investing in Tax Liens Home Study Course?

If you have seen The Vanilla Ice Project and can offer me some information about it or your recommendation, please email me at