Thursday, August 18, 2011

437% Return on Gold

Gold hit a new record high today, hitting $1,836 per ounce.

Since I started recommending gold to my readers in 2005, the price has risen 437% and I see no end to the rise in sight.  QE3 anyone?

On the other hand, home prices and sales keep falling.  Home sales keep slipping despite record low mortgage rates.  Home prices are now at a 21-month low, flatlined with no end in sight.

So readers that followed my advice did not buy overpriced rental properties in 2005.  They avoided the hyped up crazy money free-for-all and bought boring old gold and made a fortune.

So how's that "free" advice from the get-rich-quick real estate gurus working out for you today?  Can't wait to rush back to another REIA meeting or hotel ballroom for another "free" lecture on making money buying rental homes from the guru masters?

I am proud of the advice I gave my readers on my websites, in my blogs, and through my newsletter and will continue to give all my fans worldwide the best information I can.