Monday, August 29, 2011

Guru Hal Morris Update

Since writing this blog post more than two years ago asking for updates on real estate gurus Hal Morris and Tony Hoffman, I've received a steady trickle of information about both.

Paul in Idaho sent me this clip of Morris on YouTube at a celebration for real estate guru Joe Land.  Although it is unclear from the video or others posted by the same author on the site, I believe Morris and the others are at a funeral celebration for Land.

Ironically, the Joe Land "60 Minutes" segment Morris mentions during the video is the notorious March 16, 1986 episode titled "Nothing Down" where guru John T. Reed debated Land on the subject of get-rich-quick real estate.  This segment was a disaster for Land who publicly refused to give correspondent Morley Safer any of the addresses of his money-making deals.

I am very happy to see Hal Morris still in good form.  I have fond memories of his early 1980s infomercial series called MONEY MONEY MONEY where he would interview fellow gurus and let them pitch their real estate home study courses.  The production values of this late night show were so poor that Morris as a late night host made Joe Franklin look like Johnny Carson.  I would enthusiastically tune in whenever the Morris show was on just to see what train wreck might occur, like the day a piece of the set fell down and no one noticed.

My favorite regular guru on the show was Tim Taylor, who sold a 10-cassette tape home study course called The Credit Card Millionaire System.  His advice was for people to get lots of VISA and MasterCards, literally hundreds of them, and use them for cash advances to buy real estate.

The image of a guy walking into a bank with a shoebox filled with credit cards and then paying for a home with 200 $500 cash advances is as silly as it sounds.  But Taylor and Morris played the sales pitch just right.  I wonder how successful the home study course really was?  Taylor's system was sold in the middle 1980s but in 2006 would a bank give a person even one hundred VISA cards?

I am glad to see Hal Morris is as entertaining and funny as ever.