Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Landlord Joe Biden

I find the revelation that Vice President Joe Biden is actually leasing a cottage he owns in Wilmington, Delaware to the Secret Service so they can guard him while on vacation the height of arrogance.

As VP, he lives for free in a gorgeous taxpayer mansion in Washington that makes the White House look like a public housing project.  The Vice Presidential mansion near the U.S. Naval Observatory is stunning.

For the last month, Biden has been the point player on the debt ceiling talks, constantly making thunderous remarks about "tax breaks for the rich" much like Mr. Obama.  But despite the fact the United States is more than $14 trillion dollars in the red and spends tens of billions of dollars EACH DAY it does not have, Biden still wants his rent money from the very people that will give their lives to protect him.

Are you aware than in the month of February 2011 alone the Feds spent $223 billion it did not have, a new fiscal record?

With all the clamor for "shared sacrifice" and "a balanced approach" to the deficit, shouldn't rich politicians like Biden who have suckled at the public tit for DECADES be the first to sacrifice?  Yes, $66,000 is a drop in the fiscal ocean.  But how many regular people had to work to pay that sum?

Joe Biden isn't just tone deaf, he's blind to modern political realities and how awful this situation looks to average taxpayers who are struggling in the worst economy in nearly eighty years, one Biden helped mismanage by the way.

Here is a photo of the Vice Presidential mansion.  Can't free rent here make up for free rent on the cottage?