Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mike and Irene Millin Update

Since writing this post on real estate gurus Mike and Irene Milin, the self-described "Dynamic Duo" of late night TV infomercial fame, I have a received a steady trickle of updates and news on the pair since they have completed disappeared from the get-rich-quick in real estate world.

This update that arrived in an email yesterday from a reader really intrigued me.

Irene and Mike Milin raising money to elect a former Hawaiian governor to the U.S. Senate?

The actual email contained a great deal of contact information which I have redacted here.

I verified the information provided by my source.

Linda Lingle is a former governor of Hawaii.

She is indeed running for the U.S. Senate.

The organization that was listed as the sponsor for this fundraiser confirmed that they indeed were hosting such a brunch.  (I redacted this information because it was not relevant to the Milins.)

I am very happy to see that the Milins are continuing their enthusiastic political activism on behalf of the candidates they support.  I also note that Lingle is a conservative Republican and I guess so are the Milins these days.  It is a bit of trivia to note that Linda Lingle is a Sarah Palin associate and also introduced Palin at the Republican National Convention in 2008 when Palin was nominated for VP.

Here is the video of Lingle's performance:

What I find utterly fascinating about Mike and Irene Milin is not their mediocre real estate investing products or their cheesy infomercials but their dramatic yin-to-yang political conversion from 1970s hippie Communist radicals to 1980s preachers of the capitalist ideal.

As I said before, to go from Karl Marx to Robin Leach of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" in just ten years is a remarkable political and economic transformation.  The Milins even boast about this achievement on the rear cover of their most famous book, How to Buy and Manage Rental Properties.

I would love to read the story of their political transformation, awakening, whatever they want to call it.  I would gladly buy the book and promote it here.

A very similar book on this same theme of finding a new political identity that I highly recommend is RIGHT TURNS by author and radio show host Michael Medved.  How he went from a college leftist and a staff aide for ultra-liberal Ron Dellums to a protege of Rush Limbaugh draws an eerie parallel to the experience of the Milins.

And why are the political conversions from left to right, after all?