Saturday, March 31, 2012

Peter Vekselman

When I was writing my last post for this blog on California unemployment, I saw an advertisement on my own website that I could not believe.

Someone was running an ad of a very attractive young woman (with deep cleavage) saying "She will NOT TALK to You if You are Broke!"

WOW!  That's sure not subtle.

But what I found completely fascinating was that the "Click Here Now!" button of the ad was right over her left breast!  Literally the "C" of "Click" was hovering over her left nipple!  Talk about Pavlovian associations!

This is classic subliminal advertising, or subconsciously introducing sexual images into sales messages in order to stimulate not just sales.  It's been done for years by huge companies everywhere from Disney to Coca-Cola but this is the first time ever that I've seen such methods used to sell real estate home study courses and seminar tickets.  Here are some examples of subliminal advertising.

I wanted to find out who was advertising this way.  Real estate gurus usually talk about using your head in creative ways but in this case I wasn't sure what head was meant.

At first, I thought the real estate guru's name was "Peter Now."  After all, the ad says "Get Real Estate Coaching from Peter Now."

What the ad really meant to say was "Get real estate coaching from Peter now."

The link,, takes you to a site maintained by Peter Vekselman.  A video on the site by Mr. Vekselman introduces you to him, his experience, and what he has to sell.

I have never heard of Peter Vekselman before.  What I found positive about his sales pitch is that his real estate experience is DIRECT and not INDIRECT.

What I mean by this is a great many real estate gurus claim the deals and success of their clients as THEIR experience.  For example, a sales agent and broker in ten years might close 200 deals worth $100 million on behalf of their clients.  Great work!  But when this agent starts selling their "How I Did $100 Million in Real Estate Deals" home study course for $2,995 the deals suddenly became their own and not their clients.

This is a very common get-rich-quick real estate guru trick.  For example, when MONEY magazine investigated real estate guru Alexis McGee in 2007, MONEY learned that the experience she was claiming as a dealmaker actually came from transactions she arranged for clients while acting as an agent.  MONEY also investigated a "successful" McGee student named Daryl White and came to the same conclusion.

McGee, for example, claimed she made "millions" of dollars with foreclosure properties.  MONEY could only find four actual deals with her name on them.  The rest were transactions she did as an agent.

So when Peter Vekselman up front claimed that he personally has done many real estate transactions over many years, I appreciated that statement.  (I'll assume it's true.)

Mr. Vekselman has many websites on the Internet, as is the practice of many real estate gurus.  In other words, he's part of the business.  But here is one Peter Vekselman profile he created on a website called where he claims he only started investing in real estate in October 2008!  Could there be two Peter Vekselmans, father and son?  I honestly don't know.

He also has many pitch videos available on YouTube, much like this one.

I would appreciate learning more on Peter Vekselman.  As I said, I know nothing about him or his products.   He is not selling a book as far as I can find.  It seems he is mostly offering mentoring services, of which I can say I am not a fan.  They are usually very expensive.  Consider the HOURLY cost, not the value of the claimed benefits.

For the record, I also do not believe any of the comments I read online about Mr. Vekselman since I know that nearly 100% of what is written about me is false.  Anonymous posters on the Internet almost always have an axe to grind, for good reasons or malicious ones.  Either way they exaggerate.

As I do with all real estate gurus, I wish Mr. Vekselman the best, but I really hope he changes his ad.  I know many gorgeous women who not only talk to broke guys but refuse to date any other type.  These broke, often unemployed, and insolvent men go by many names---musicians, actors, and artists.


  1. Hi Robert: My name is Bob I'm the CMO for Peter's concern and the founder of I wanted to thank you personally for your article it was great. If you liked the ad you should see our Real Estate News Channel

    Any Way my friend keep up the GREAT work !

    Robert Henslee

  2. I am actually the guy who made the ad. We are always testing all kinds of ads for Peter. It might interest you that the girl is NOT his best performing ad, and the "sublimity" as you call it was unintentional. You have to put the click here button somewhere. The designer was a man though, I do know that! Pretty Funny. If it works I'm sure we will see more of her.