Friday, June 15, 2012

Pep Boys Update

Perennial stock (mis)trader Jim Cramer has an AVOID call out on Pep Boys (PBY).  You can watch Jim Cramer bash the Pep Boys here.

I love the stock.  I wrote this blog post about it two weeks ago.  It's up about 5% since my call, by the way.

I've written for years about Cramer's inaccurate stock calls.  One recent study had his calls successful just 44.69% of the time.  In other words, a one-eyed drunken monkey flipping a coin would have a better track record than Cramer.

For the record, I love Cramer's show.  He's an entertainer, not a stock picker.  He's a very smart man who makes really dumb calls virtually every day on his show.  And that is the reason why he makes so many bad calls.  He makes LOTS of calls to start with.

I post very few stock tips in this blog.  Here and there, one or two.  I'm pretty confident about PBY and let's see what happens next.  If I'm wrong, I'll admit it.

It's the real estate, Jim.  Who is going to buy PBY to run the muffler business?  PBY is a real estate play.

By the way, Cramer recommends AutoZone (AZO) instead of PBY.  What is AZO?  A creature of hedge fund manager Eddie Lampert and his love of real estate plays like Sears and Kmart.  And Jim, why would I buy AZO when Lampert is selling AutoZone shares?

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