Saturday, September 1, 2012

$10 Million Bike Ramp Update

Since I wrote this post in May 2011 about Seattle building a new $10 million bike ramp, I could not wait to see what the annual salary of TWO HUNDRED police officers would buy.

After all, this neighborhood near the Space Needle in downtown Seattle is literally the center of prostitution in the city.  It's in what Seattle euphemistically calls a "S.O.A.P." area when offenders are busted.

Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution.

This area is so overrun with homeless men and women Seattle Center needed to cut off public utility outlets in the complex since vagrants, drug addicts, alcoholics, runaways, and other assorted individuals were draining their resources.

The best way to describe this neighborhood of Seattle?

Pretty by day.  Grim and dangerous at night.

But Seattle's anxious and exuberant cyclists (all 0.1% of the population) needed a new $10 million bike ramp connecting two streets that are already connected multiple times, albeit you do have to wait for a traffic light.

Here it is.  Almost done.

I'm sure it will be a wonderful bike ramp used by dozens of bicyclists every month.

It's amazing what $10 million (or $11.5 million by now, who knows?) will buy.

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