Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Full Time Employee

If you are an employer or working for one you likely have a pretty good definition of what "full time employee" really means.

Try this definition I just made up.

"A full time employee is one that works for any single employer for at least forty hours per week."

Sound reasonable?

Well not to the Obama Administration which has just released its EIGHTEEN PAGE definition of what is full time employment under Obamacare medical regulations.

You have to read the actual Obamacare definition of full time employment to really believe it---or not.

Most importantly, full time employment is now just 30 hours per week, surprise to many employers and workers who always thought even 32 hours was still part time.  This definition, aside from bringing many new part timers into Obamacare for taxation and penalty purposes, now means the Administration can claim an increase in full time employment merely by changing the commonly accepted meaning of the term.

But the legalese and boilerplate in this definition is beyond belief.  As one observer quipped, "it's scary."  Whoever came up with this madness should be tarred and feathered right before being exiled from DC for life.

Read the new regulations for yourself but stop when your eyes begin to fall out of your head.

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