Friday, March 1, 2013

Affordable Bathroom Upgrades

I read a great number of DIY and home improvement books.  Most are good, some are great, and then some books are just about perfect.

AFFORDABLE BATHROOM UPGRADES is the new book by authors Steve Cory and his production assistant Diane Slavik.  I just loved it.

Many home improvement books give you technical advice you need to know to get jobs done, such as how to install a new toilet or vanity.

Other books are filled with creative ideas, or how to find materials for projects at thrift stores and rummage sales.  Think how to make shabby chic look regal and expensive.

This book offers ideas on how to do both at the same time.  Every page of the text is filled with ideas on how to make the most ordinary bathroom look exceptional with inexpensive materials and the minimum amount of labor possible.

Want to install a bowl sink on a new vanity?  The complete instructions are here.  If I can follow them, even a child can.  There are full color photos on every page, step-by-step everything.

According to Steve Cory's website, he's been writing home improvement books for twenty years under the trade name D.I.Y. Writing Inc..  I can't wait to find and read some more of them.

Bathroom remodels are the cheapest way to build home equity.  Kitchen remodels are more effective but also cost much more money.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK.  Here is a link to Affordable Bathroom Upgrades on

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