Saturday, November 2, 2013

High Density Development

This photo of a proposed development of a single family home site in residential neighborhood in West Seattle, Washington speaks for itself.

So does the graffiti scrawled on the sign.

Like many major urban areas, Seattle is so infected with the virus of anti-car high density urban development it is delirious with fever.  The developer of this lot will almost certainly get the approval and the neighbors who bought a home in a residential neighborhood will deal with the consequences.

Thirty new units equals 50-60 new adults living on a lot which today maybe holds four or five at most.

All fifty new residents will not have cars, right?  NONE?

Assume just twenty percent do.  Ten new cars to park the street.

Well, here is the street.

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That is literally the entire block, both sides.  Check out how development is changing this once quiet part of Seattle.  One side of the street is filled with new buildings.  The other, like this house, is the doomed Seattle awaiting the wrecking ball.   But realize on the back side of this home is more single family homes and more streets filled with nothing but more of them.

Welcome to Seattle, where Alice spends her summers away from Wonderland.

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