Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gerald D. Hines

This is, by far, one of the best real estate books I have ever read.  And I've been reading them non-stop for nearly thirty-five years.

Gerald D. Hines is a legend in the real estate world.  His company builds some of the finest properties in the world.  He deserves a book of this quality on his life and career and he got it.


I just put this book down.  It is a MUST READ for all real estate investors.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Media Exposes Guru Fraud

I have attended those free real estate seminars hosted by real estate gurus held in hotel ballrooms for more than thirty-five years.  I've been to them with other real estate lawyers, psychologists, regulators, and other professionals to give me a second, third, fifth, and tenth opinion on the legality of what is being sold to "newbie" investors in real estate and how especially they peddle their worthless courses.

I know what they are selling is a great con.  Many of the real estate investing techniques offered are ILLEGAL.  Most are UNETHICAL.  Almost none actually work in the real world.

But again, this is just my opinion and I've said it here many, many times.

Now things have changed.  For the first time a major metropolitan newspaper has brought along its own reporters, top notch real estate lawyers and even state regulators to see what goes on for themselves.

Turns out, they agree with me.

The newspaper is the Cincinnati Enquirer.  The regulators are from the Ohio Department of Real Estate and Professional Licensing.  And the lawyers are some of the best real estate experts in the state.

You can read how the media exposed real estate guru fraud after a recent get-rich-quick real estate seminar in Ohio by clicking on the link.

I hope this experiment is expanded to all fifty states.  These gurus are sleazy low rent con artists and they need to be exposed.  Their list of victims is long and still growing.

Again, don't believe me.  Believe the state of Ohio and one of the nation's largest newspapers.