Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guru Cheating Guru

In what I hope quickly becomes an Internet sensation, one very well known East Coast based real estate guru is now suing his former partner, a lesser known but still quite famous West Coast guru, on the basis of "fraud, embezzlement, theft of trade secrets... and client lists, and...other types of larceny."

His partner, proving the axiom there is no honor among thieves, has filed a counterclaim arguing virtually the same causes of action.

I am not getting involved in this crossfire, at least not quite yet, which explains why I'm not naming names or posting PDFs of pleadings.  But knowing each of these gurus and their work for years does not surprise me each would cheat each other.  After all, both cheated the general public for years selling worthless get-rich-quick home study courses.

Apparently, these two lovebirds decided to sell courses and do seminars together and did so for a number of years.  But the partnership soon dissolved over personal issues including "excessive drinking of alcohol at sponsored events...and other functions" and, get this tidbit, "inappropriate sexual advances to female seminar attendees, event workers, and hotel staff."

I'm hoping the media picks up this story.  I'm going to nudge it slightly along to put my thumb on this scale.  A good lurid tale exposing the sordid underbelly of the real estate guru world will make great reading.  I can't wait for civil discovery on this one.  It's not quite Spy v. Spy but Guru v. Guru will do.

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