Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Product Pitch Fest

I find it hysterical creative real estate gurus now need to market their get-rich-quick seminars as "educational events" and clearly say in BIG BIG letters


It is quickly becoming clear to me the last generation of real estate gurus may have killed the golden goose for get-rich-quick seminars for at least the next generation or two.  The days of easy money for the gurus, just showing up at some cheesy hotel ballroom and having newbies open their wallets like sheep led to slaughter are over, thankfully.

Marketing data must be telling the gurus people don't want hard sales pitches at these events, especially after paying $597 per person just to get in the door.

Watching the slow disintegration of the get-rich-quick industry is much like seeing a large ship sink into the depth of the deep black ocean one inch at a time.  The problem of course, to mix metaphors, is cornered rats are extremely dangerous.  The gurus have already started turning on each other and the public will inevitably get caught in the crossfire.

By the way, there are some really good speakers at this event in Las Vegas including Jimmy Napier and Jay P. DeCima ("Fixer Jay").  I'm a fan of both men and highly recommend their books.  (Other speakers at this event aren't so good, sorry to say.)  I wish the promoters of this event luck---assuming it REALLY is not a product pitch fest.

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