Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Cash Flow Forever

Real estate books generally come in two categories.  "Newbie" books for novice investors who know virtually nothing about the industry but want to learn more and more advanced texts which deal with the specifics a professional and experienced investor might want to know.

CASH FLOW FOREVER by author Jeff K. Johnson fits perfectly into the first category.

This book is one of the most basic primers on real estate I have ever read.  If you have a friend who has never invested in properties before but wants to learn the ABC's quickly and simply, CASH FLOW FOREVER is just about ideal.

Experienced investors may pick up a tip here and there but their interest will not be sustained over the 236 page book length.

I found this book easy to understand and readable, not filled with technical and confusing jargon but common sense solutions to basic problems and simple answers to simpler questions.  It is quite effective on this rudimentary level.  But do not think there isn't a great deal of substance here.  The advice offered is real, practical, effective, LEGAL AND ETHICAL, and often quite imaginative.

My only quibble with the book is its subtitle.  THE REAL SECRETS OF REAL ESTATE INVESTING.

There are no "secrets" in the real estate world.  Period, end of story.  There is only information you just have not learned yet, hardly a secret really.  I have objected to the use of the word "secret" in the real estate investing context for years since it suggests a cabal of investors are keeping the general public away from their keys to real estate wealth.  It's just not true.  Not knowing a fact does not make it a secret, it just means you have more to learn.

A great alternative subtitle here would be "The Real Truths of Real Estate Investing" because this is precisely what is offered here.

With that tiny teeny weeny exception aside, I would highly recommend this book to any novice investor who wants to learn the absolute basics about real estate, especially if they can't decide to buy properties versus investing in stocks, bonds, or other assets.  CASH FLOW FOREVER is a readable and informative book definitely worth the price.

For the record, I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes.

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