Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Guru Freebies

Real estate gurus offer all sorts of "freebies" and enticements to come to their FREE introductory seminars.  Lately, the cornucopia of stuff is extreme.  Cell phones, computer tablets, hotel vacations, memory sticks preloaded with course materials, libraries of books, CDs and DVDs, you name it.  All are usually given ridiculous retail price valuations to make these sweeteners seem way more valuable than they really are.  A one GB thumb drive loaded with some PDFs for $199.95?

One reader of this blog had an incredible offer for me.  I'd only need a time machine to use it.

Sometime around the year 2007, real estate guru Robert Allen of Nothing Down fame was offering FREE introductory seminars pitching his new Enlightened Wealth Retreat.  The value of the free ninety minute come-on and seminar pitch was, get this, drum roll please....

$3,995.  (Check out the fine print on the tickets above.)

Yes, an hour and a half with a Robert Allen trainer (not the man himself) was being valued at a Big Mac meal short of four thousand bucks.

Also note this reader was given three tickets or nearly $12,000 in "value" for just coming to a cheesy hotel ballroom and listening to a sales pitch for a $7,995 real estate wealth building and passive cash flow generating program.

Wow!  What a deal!

Most attendees did not think so.  Here is what one person unfortunate enough to pay the nearly $8,000 for the Enlightened Wealth Retreat had to say.

Robert Allen is still at the real estate guru game, BTW.  He's the current winner of the Most Overvalued Guru Freebie in Real Estate Guru History.  And in case you think I was going to bash him, I'm not.  His Multiple Streams of Income book series is excellent and so are his books, Creating Wealth and The Challenge.  All are available for one cent used on Amazon.com.

If you have another candidate for the most overvalued guru freebie, please let me know.  Thanks to Dave in Salt Lake City for the tickets.  They are now part of my collection.  A mere photograph would have been enough....

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