Tuesday, April 26, 2016

America's Bank

I talk, speak, rant, and rave a great deal about the Federal Reserve Bank on this website.

Here is why.

America's Bank is a simply amazing book by author Roger Lowenstein.

The struggle was epic.  A financial adventure story.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Don't Flip Properties

This article from The Washington Post has the title "Why You Don't Want to Flip Homes."

It is worth reading.  Interesting analysis.

The reason I bring it up is the flipping property gurus have returned to late night television.  I do not know how it is where you live but at least five different real estate gurus have visited Seattle in the past two months.  FIVE.  Same operations pitching virtually the same get-rich-quick in real estate products, same TV networks for the late night infomercials, even the same hotels for the seminars too.

Maybe you would want another perspective on the subject of flipping properties, especially one which is not trying to sell you a $3,000 seminar or a $25,000 bus tour on the subject.